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FHA Refinance

Mortgage refinancing has been at an all time high over the last five years due to appreciating home values and low interest rates.  The FHA Refinance program is designed to provide an FHA alternative to the commercial products currently being offered to homeowners with substantial equity in their homes.  The purpose of these FHA loans is to take out a new mortgage that provides cash left over after the old mortgage has been paid off.

Popular FHA Refinancing Articles
Streamline Refinance
An FHA Streamline Refinance loan is designed for people who simply want to refinance their mortgages in order to obtain a more favorable interest rate than they have on the original mortgage. In order to qualify for this program your original mortgage must also be FHA insured...
FHA Streamline? Refinance Now to Avoid Lost Opportunity
Today, the biggest advantage of FHA streamline refinances is as long as you don't roll the refinance costs into the loan, FHA doesn't require an appraisal, income verification, or credit qualifying...
Refinancing from Conventional Mortgages to FHA Home Loans
FHA home loans and conventional loans are typically marketed to different borrowers. And while some might have differing opinions on FHA loans versus conventional loans, most will agree...
FHA Streamline Refinance Program: Who, What, and Why
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is offering a streamline refinance option to homeowners who have FHA mortgage loans. In order to be eligible for streamline refinancing, you must meet these criteria...
How About An FHA Streamline Refinance?
One of the smartest ideas remaining in the FHA and VA programs is the concept of streamline refinancing. Essentially the idea is that if you can afford your current mortgage you can surely afford your current mortgage...
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