Mortgages — The Best Stuff Online This Week

by Peter G. Miller
November 16th, 2007

This week I want to take notice of several interesting blogs and sites:

Calculated Risk had a terrific posting regarding the Boyko decision in Cleveland. This is the court case where 14 foreclosure actions were dumped because the plaintiff could not prove it actually owned the loans. Great job, Tanta. And great job, Judge Boyko. Why isn’t this guy on the Supreme Court instead of the duds nominated in the past few years? See:


Jack Guttentag is a Wharton professor, syndicated columnist and a friend of consumers. You can learn a lot going to his website: MtgProfessor.com, a source filled with good information and savvy observations.

If you want to see something interesting, take a look at FHA For Everyone. This is a bright and well-documented discussion of borrower representation — yup, you read it right, representation for mortgage borrowers. Imagine that!

Housing Doom had a solid analysis of a recent Realty Times column. Thank you Debi. See:


Also, the Legal News Line wrote up a Realty Times column regarding efforts by the Texas state attorney general to rein in foreclosing lenders. A nice guy with his heart in the right place, but states can’t touch federally-regulated lenders and – until Barney Frank — neither did alleged national regulators. Thanks Rob. See


One of the most consistently-interesting blogs has to be LoanWorkout.org. Moe Bedard has a pipeline toinside memos, notes and data from big lenders. Lenders probably hate Bedard, you’ll love him.

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One Response to “Mortgages — The Best Stuff Online This Week”

  1. Mow Says:

    Why thank you Peter!

    Tanta and CR, oh she is a firecracker. I can’t even keep up there sometimes.

    Yes, I can be a little controversial. Do you think Countrywide will want to pick up some ad space soon? haha…

    I plan and doing some pod casts soon, stay tuned. It will be definitely interesting.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Best Regards,


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