FHA Loans & Mortgage Modifications

by Peter G. Miller
July 12th, 2007

For years, whenever I have written about mortgage modifications I have gotten emails from offended loan officers explaining that there was no such thing as a loan modification.

Such claims, of course, are patently untrue. An ARM — by definition — is a loan which is automatically modified according to evolving market conditions. No less important, lenders have long modified loans in disaster areas and when borrowers have run into problems.

If it is true that loans do get modified, then it follows that there must be jobs out there for mortgage modifiers. So if you wanted to work as a mortgage modifier what would you do each day?

We can thank Monster.com for a good description. A recent ad for a Loan Modification Specialist for Homecoming Financial, a GMC company, shows that a mortgage modifier would conduct a:

*Thorough review of each account’s financial hardship, including detailed pay history review, foreclosure rules and guidelines.

*Determine financial capacity and commitment of each homeowner.

*Provide customized modification solutions

The FHA, of course, has an extensive loan modification program — just call 800 -569-4287 (or TDD 800-877-8339) if you have an FHA loan and financial problems emerge.

The Homecoming Financial ad is very interesting — something loan officers in denial might want to read.

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2 Responses to “FHA Loans & Mortgage Modifications”

  1. Bernice Hall Says:

    Can the mortgage rate percentage and mortgage payment on an FHA Loan be modified to a lower interest rate of 7% to 3% and a mortgage payment belowered from $862.00 to $487.00?

    Reason for modification. Loss of employment. Loss the earnings of 52,000.00 annual income to now earning $10.95 an hour.

  2. mardie burton Says:

    My question is, Can you get your loan modified if you just retired and your income has been cut in half.My mortgage company told me that there are NO programs out there to help just retired people.

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