Beat Foreclosure — Get A Pig?

by Peter G. Miller
May 29th, 2007

Some stories are just too good. KTVB, Channel 7 in Boise,  Idaho reports that a man facing foreclosure locked three pigs in his home with about the results one would expect. The pictures that go with the story tell all.


Wouldn’t it have been easier to try to work out something with the lender? If you’re facing foreclosure your first step should be to call the lender. Even with insurance, lenders lose on foreclosures so they have a real incentive to work out something before calling the sheriff.

Under the FHA program the deal is even better: The government will try to help you work out something with the lender. For details call: (800) 569-4287 or TDD (800) 877-8339 for the housing counseling agency nearest you.

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